About China

Always there, a jar of buttons. Every color, shape, style my little mind could imagine. I was always intrigued by my Granny’s collection of buttons. Sometimes, she would share stories of where they came from or why she felt the need to keep it. She kept lots of things, but the buttons were my favorite of all her collections. Every button held a memory for her. Though so young, I knew I would always have a love for buttons and for memories. My amazing Granny, Azalee Busques (hence the biz name) was the button that held our family together!

My work is a direct reflection of my own desires, the desire to have tangible memories of my loved ones. I want my images to evoke emotion. Photographing connection is the #1 thing I strive to give my clients. I look back at images of my loved ones amid a moment, totally unscripted, and I can’t help but be transported to that time and feel the emotion of it all.

Capturing your child, your family, your love, just the way you are is what I love to do. I’m so incredibly thankful to all of my precious clients that have allowed me to capture their story.